Marugame Seimen "Tomatama Curry Udon" and "Melted 4 Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon

Tomatama Curry Udon and Melted 4-Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon will be back on sale at Marugame Seimen from August 5 (except at some stores). The sale will end as soon as they are gone.

Tomatama Curry Udon

Melted 4 Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon

Marugame Seimen and TOKIO, Inc. have a strong desire to "energize Japan" and a commitment to handmade products and craftsmanship, and have concluded a co-creation partnership in April 2021. As the first step of the partnership, "Tomatama Curry Udon" was revived and sold for 50 days from April this year, and the new "Melted 4 Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon" was also introduced to great success.

Marugame Seimen "Tomatama Curry Udon

The resale of the "Tomatama Curry Udon" was realized with the hope that people would eat the addictive spiciness of "Tomatama Curry Udon" to survive the summer heat, and that those who missed it this spring would also enjoy it.

Marugame Seimen "Tomatama Curry Udon

The foundation of Tomatama Curry's flavor is grated ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and cayenne pepper, the key to its spiciness. The curry is mixed with Marugame Seimen's special curry broth, which is packed with flavor, and fresh tomatoes cut into large pieces at the restaurant are added. A beaten egg is added as a finishing touch to bring out the sourness and sweetness, creating a deeply flavored bowl.

Marugame Seimen "Tomatama Curry Udon

A "bite of rice" is offered exclusively at the restaurant. You can enjoy Tomatama Curry to the last drop.

The "Melted 4 Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon" is a perfect match for Tomatama Curry, with melted cheese entwined in freshly made udon noodles. The blend includes Parmesan with its rich flavor and aroma, Gouda with its deep richness, Red Cheddar with its mellow aroma and richness, and Mozzarella with its subtle sweetness, milky aroma, and supple texture.

Marugame Seimen "Melted 4 Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon

The "Tomatama Curry Udon" is priced at 690 yen (regular), 810 yen (large), and 930 yen (special), including tax. The "Melted 4 Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon" is priced at 790 yen (medium), 910 yen (large), and 1,030 yen (special).

Items and sizes may vary by store.
Take-out available. Take-out available. Only (regular) and (large) udon sizes are available.
Take-out udon is only available in (regular) and (large) sizes.
A container fee of 30 yen is not charged for this item only.