October "Meat Triple Bowl" for Origin Bento

At each "Kitchen Origin" and "Origin Bento" store, "Meat Triple Bowl" will be on sale from 10 o'clock on October 29th as "Niku Day" in October. The price is 999 yen (tax included).

Origin's "Meat Triple Bowl" is a menu that is sold only on "Niku Day" every month. For the "Meat Triple Bowl" in October, a bowl using green onion oil goat chicken, hamukatsu and grilled beef will be prepared. It is a hearty bowl with 300g (10.58oz) of rice, 1 green onion oil goat chicken, 1 luxurious beef grilled meat, and 1 origin popular fried ham cutlet. Attached is shredded cabbage.

You can eat it alone or share it with your family. Why don't you enjoy the full meat triple bowl?