Cafe Tasse's "Tea Earl Gray Bitter Chocolate" "Orange Bitter Chocolate" "Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate"

Belgian chocolate brand "Cafe Tasse". As the name meaning "coffee cup" in French, chocolate is being developed in pursuit of compatibility with coffee.

A wide variety of flavors including simple milk and bitter are available. We will review 3 types of food. The purchase price is 309 yen each (tax included).

Black tea Earl Gray bitter chocolate

The scent of cacao spreads softly when you open the wrapping paper. It is said that the fragrance is created by sticking to high-quality raw materials and using cacao luxuriously. Since cocoa butter is used instead of vegetable oil, it melts smoothly with the heat of the tongue. The crispy texture of the tea leaves is a pleasant accent. The scent of bergamot goes through your nose, leading to a refreshing aftertaste.

Cafe Tasse's "Tea Earl Gray Bitter Chocolate"

Orange bitter chocolate

Chocolate with an impressive bitterness. The faint acidity and bitterness of orange peel are blended in. A dish that is recommended for people who are not good at chocolate that is too sweet. The sharp flavor goes well with the mellow latte.

Cafe Tasse's "Orange Bitter Chocolate"

Salt caramel milk chocolate

The sweetest and most mellow of the three types I ate this time. The salted caramel paste is trapped inside and melts soothingly to spread the rich taste. Exquisite saltiness enhances the richness. Great for black coffee.

Cafe Tasse's "Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate"

Not only the deliciousness of the product, but also the sophisticated packaging is attractive. The calm texture of kraft paper is made from recycled paper that is kind to nature. It seems that fashionable chocolate will enrich your usual coffee time.

Cafe Tasse's "Tea Earl Gray Bitter Chocolate" "Orange Bitter Chocolate" "Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate"