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seki, San


Merry Chocolate Campany introduces a new chocolate brand "Isseki, San Choco" as a Valentine's Day product for 2023. The chocolates are perfect for when you want to enjoy a small amount of different flavors.

Isseki, San


Isseki, San Choco is a play on the phrase "not two birds with one stone, but three birds with one stone. Like the three desserts served at a café, you can enjoy three different flavors of chocolates made from the best ingredients in one box. It is available at mass merchandisers nationwide.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".
Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

The lineup includes six types: strawberry, macha, nut, caramel, coffee, and yoshu. This time, we will taste and review "Nuts" and "Caramel"!

Nuts, Sun Chocolate

This product allows you to compare three types of nut chocolates: "Hazelnut & Almond", "Caramel Almond", and "Pistachio".

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

Hazelnut &


Aromatic and rich hazelnut chocolate topped with a whole almond. 2.4% hazelnuts are used.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

Chocolate infused with the mild flavor of hazelnuts. The hazelnuts are not so prominent, but the whole almonds allow you to enjoy the delicious taste of the nuts. The contrast between the crispy nuts and the smooth chocolate is also nice.

Caramel Almonds

A combination of caramel flavored chocolate and almonds. 0.4% caramel powder is used.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

The almonds, which are larger than the chocolate, take center stage. The crunchy sound of the almonds gives it a nice little texture that is very satisfying! You can enjoy the nutty savory taste.


Pistachios are roasted to add a savory flavor. They are covered with milk chocolate, which goes well with nuts. 4.9% pistachio nuts are used.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

The refreshing flavor unique to pistachios matches the mild sweetness of milk chocolate. The richness of each flavor overlaps each other to create a rich taste. The texture is very smooth.

Caramel, Sunchocolate

This product allows you to compare three types of caramel chocolate: milk caramel truffle, salted caramel, and bitter caramel.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

Milk Caramel Tru

ffles: Truffles filled with the taste of caramel. 0.02% caramel powder is used.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

The fleeting feel of the chocolate melts on the heat of the tongue. The savory sweetness of caramel fills your mouth. A must-have for caramel lovers.

Salted Caramel

The sweetness of salted caramel is accentuated by the combination of rich high milk chocolate. 1.4% caramel powder is used.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

The balance between the firm sweetness and the salt that enhances it is exquisite. It has a sweet and addictive taste. The heart shape is also cute.



: Bitter caramel is trapped inside the sweet chocolate. The thick bitter caramel is more bitter than expected. It is different from sweet milk caramel, and has a bitter, adult taste.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".

Each box is priced at 378 yen (tax included). The reasonable price and size are just right for a small reward to yourself for your hard work, or as a carefree gift. Enjoy a sweet moment while comparing your favorite flavors.

Merry Chocolate Campany "Isseki, sunchocolate".