Ichimasa Kamo "Salad Stick Black Truffle Flavor"

Ichimasa Kamaboko will release a black kamaboko "Salad Stick Black Truffle Flavor" on October 19th for Halloween on October 31st and Black Friday on November 27th. For a limited time. The estimated price is 179 yen (excluding tax).

The bright yellow "Salad Stick Setouchi Lemon Flavor" and the blue "Salad Stick Soda Flavor" have received a great deal of attention through TV and SNS. The "Salad Stick Black Truffle Flavor" to be released this time is the fifth in the "Salad Stick" series of Ichimasa crab sticks. It is a product with a great impact that has a black appearance that reproduces the flavor of a heavy black truffle.

You can eat it as it is, or just add it to pasta, canapes, gratin, etc. to make your usual home-cooked rice much more luxurious. Truffle oil is used, and the fragrant black truffle scent that comes out of your nose the moment you eat it creates an elegant mood.

Omelet with "salad stick black truffle flavor"

It is also recommended to use it for cooking at home for Halloween parties. The contrast between the black color of the salad stick and the orange color of the pumpkin is beautiful, which makes the Halloween mood of the table even more exciting.