Ichimasa Kamo "Tsunamayo Flavored Sandwich Hanpen"

"Tsunamayo Flavored Sandwich Hanpen" will be released by Ichimasa Kamo. Seasonal from March 1st.

The Ichimasa Sand Hanpen series is a product in which various ingredients are sandwiched in a bite-sized hanpen. So far, cheese flavor and menta mayonnaise flavor have been released and are gaining popularity.

The new flavor "Tuna Mayo Flavored Sandwich Hanpen" uses a special Tuna Mayo flavored salad that is characterized by the umami of tuna and the gentle sweetness of onions. Although it is a sweet ingredient that is easy for children to eat, the addition of a small amount of black pepper tightens the taste, making it a taste that adults can also satisfy.

Not only lunch boxes, but also leaves such as lettuce, pumpkin, and salads with your favorite vegetables such as avocado, which are perfect for when you want another item on the table. Depending on the arrangement, it can be a side dish for rice. In the package, we introduce three types of menus, salad, butter-grilled, and pinchos, as recommended recipes that make home-cooked rice fun.

Ichimasa Kamo "Tsunamayo Flavored Sandwich Hanpen"

4 pieces, the estimated price is 159 yen (excluding tax).