Easy "Yamnyom Chicken" without frying
You can easily make "Yamnyom Chicken", which is familiar in Korean restaurants, at home. A rich taste that is perfect as a companion to rice and beer.
material ( For 2 people )
Chicken thigh 250g
soy sauce 1 tablespoon
ketchup 2 tablespoons
sugar 2 tsp
Grated garlic tube 1 cm
Grated ginger tube 1 cm
Gochujang 2 tablespoons
White sesame Appropriate amount
potato starch Appropriate amount
Sesame oil Appropriate amount
Yamunyom Chicken

"Yamnyom chicken" offered at Korean restaurants. In fact, you can easily make it at home. This time, I will introduce a simple recipe that does not need to be fried.

Yamunyom Chicken


Chicken thigh 250g
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tbsp ketchup
2 teaspoons of sugar
Grated garlic tube 1cm
Grated ginger tube 1 cm
2 tbsp gochujang
Sesame oil Appropriate amount White sesame Appropriate amount Potato starch Appropriate amount

How to make

Cut chicken thighs into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle with potato starch. Put meat and potato starch in a plastic bag and shake it for ease.

Chicken thigh sprinkled with potato starch

Place the meat in a frying pan with sesame oil, cover and cook over low to medium heat. When one side is browned, turn it over and cover it again to bake. About 8 minutes on both sides.

Chicken thighs roasted in a frying pan

Mix soy sauce, ketchup, sugar, garlic, ginger and gochujang to make a sauce.

Yamunyomu chicken sauce

When the meat is cooked, entangle the sauce well and sprinkle with white sesame seeds to complete.

Yamunyom Chicken

Yamunyom Chicken

What is its taste?

The baked chicken is tender and juicy. The light-flavored chicken is insanely delicious with a sweet and spicy sauce! The sweetness of ketchup, the taste of gochujang, and the rich taste of garlic and ginger are addictive. The texture and aroma of sesame is an exquisite accent.

Yamunyom Chicken

It's perfect as a snack for beer as well as for rice. You can also stir-fry eggplant and onions if you like!