Stone-grilled bibimbap

Introducing "Korean recipes" that you can enjoy traveling at home. You don't have to prepare the authentic ingredients, just the ones you can easily make.

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◆ Yamunyom Chicken

"Yamnyom Chicken " offered at Korean restaurants. If it's a recipe that doesn't fry, you can easily make it at home.

Yamunyom Chicken

The light-flavored chicken is insanely delicious with a sweet and spicy sauce! The sweetness of ketchup, the taste of gochujang, and the rich taste of garlic and ginger are addictive. Perfect to accompany rice and beer.

Yamunyom Chicken

◆ Stone-grilled bibimbap

"Ishiyaki-style bibimbap " that you can make without a "stone pot" at home. You can enjoy the deliciousness close to the shop with a frying pan.

Stone-grilled bibimbap

When eating, mix the whole well. The sweet and spicy meat, crispy and fresh vegetable namul, and spicy kimchi are united, and the egg makes the whole mellow. And the fragrant scent that sometimes appears is the best!

Stone-grilled bibimbap

◆ Korean style steamed eggplant

Easy side dish " Korean steamed eggplant ". This recipe is also recommended for pre-preparation.

Korean-style steamed eggplant

The skin is moderately crispy and the body is thick and juicy. The more you chew, the sweeter and sour and spicy taste spreads in your mouth.

Korean-style steamed eggplant

◆ Japchae with bean sprouts and bean sprouts

"Japchae with bean sprouts and bean sprouts " using ingredients that are kind to households. Meat x vegetables x vermicelli is generous.

Japchae with bean sprouts and bean sprouts

Although vermicelli and bean sprouts look exactly like each other, the difference in texture when eaten is unique. Every time you chew it, the sweet and sour taste spreads. The richness of beef, the aroma of sesame, and the aroma of garlic also assist in the deliciousness.

◆ Korean glue

"Korean seaweed " that can be used in various dishes can be easily made at home. Just chin in the microwave with 3 ingredients!

Handmade Korean glue

Freshly made Korean seaweed is really good to eat as it is. The arrangement is endless, such as wrapping it in rice balls and cheese, and topping it on kimchi. If you remember how to make it, you will surely be able to play an active role in your home cooking.

Korean seaweed salad