Kanro "Puregumi Dark Strawberry"

From Kanro, which is familiar with Kanro candy and Puregumi, "Puregumi Dark Ichigo" will be released on September 29, where you can enjoy the rich taste of whole strawberries. The content is 52g and the price is 130 yen (tax included).

Introducing a new autumn / winter flavor to the popular Puregumi, where you can enjoy the rich taste of strawberries. "Puregumi Dark Ichigo" to be released this time is a puregumi that you can enjoy two kinds of strawberry flavors with different "sweet ripeness" and "fresh" on the left and right. When you eat one grain, the rich taste spreads in your mouth, just like when you squeeze a strawberry.

It is coated with Kanro's original sour powder, and the sweetness of the sour powder and the gummy that spreads afterwards is characterized by a sweet and sour taste. With gelatin and pectin, it has an excellent chewy texture and contains collagen and vitamin C, which is good for the body.

In addition, strawberry juice is used, and the rich taste is perfect for a change of mood between work or study, or when you want to take a break.