Kanro "Puregumi Premium Alfonso Mango"

"Pure Gummy Premium Alfonso Mango" will be released on May 18th from the "Pure Gummy Premium" series, which proposes a small reward for Gummy. The price is 160 yen (tax included). The content is 54g (1.9oz).

"Pure Gummy Premium" is a popular series of Pure Gummy that offers a small reward for Gummy, and you can enjoy the luxurious taste like a real fruit. You can enjoy the taste of the original sour powder and the texture of the flesh gummy, and the harmony of the change in texture due to the center jelly, which is a perfect reward for yourself.

"Puregumi Premium Alfonso Mango" to be released this time contains 20% of Alfonso Mango juice, which is known as the finest mango. Also known as the "King of Mangos," this mango is in season from May to June. The flesh is bright orange, with a rich taste and aroma, and a texture that melts in the mouth.

The deliciousness of Alfonso Mango is firmly reproduced by the manufacturing method unique to Puregumi Premium. The center jelly expresses the mellow scent that drifts the moment you open the bag and the thick texture that drips fruit juice, and you can fully enjoy the juiciness of Alfonso mango.