Addictive texture! Easy recipe for "Pickled Kolinksi
Here's an easy recipe for pickles using "kolinky" pumpkins, the kind you can eat raw! Just make sweet vinegar and pickle. The crispy texture is addictive!
Material ( Serves 3-4 people )
Kolinky. 1/4 of a piece
vinegar 150ml (5.07us fl oz)
sugar 50g (1.76oz)
salt (i.e. sodium chloride) 1 tablespoon
Pickled Collinskee Easy Recipe

Korinky" is a pumpkin that can be eaten raw, skin and all. It is characterized by its crispy, crunchy texture and fresh, slightly sweet taste. It is also excellent sliced with olive oil, salt and pepper, or sliced and added to raw vegetable salads!

Pickled Collinskee Easy Recipe
Kolinky," a pumpkin that can be eaten raw

This time we will introduce "Pickled Korinky," which makes the most of Korinky's unique texture. It is a simple recipe that tastes great just by cutting and pickling, and it looks colorful and festive, so it is recommended as a dish for guests!

Pickled Collinky Easy Recipe


Here is what you will need

1/4 of a collinky
150 ml vinegar
50 g sugar
1 tablespoon salt

Please adjust the amount of seasonings according to the size of the collinky. All seasonings can also be substituted with "Kantan Vinegar" from Mitsukan. It's easy, so if you have it, just make use of it!

How to make

Wash korinky well and cut in half.

Pickled Collinskee Easy Recipe

Remove the seeds from the inside.

Pickled Collinskee Easy Recipe

Cut into dice about 1.5 to 2 cm square. You can eat them with the skin on, but if you are worried about the taste, please peel them off.

Pickled Collinskee Easy Recipe

Place the kolinky in an airtight jar. Pour the seasoning mixture into the jar and refrigerate for 2 hours or longer.

Pickled Collinskee Easy Recipe

How does the pickled kolinky taste?

Crispy, crunchy, fresh, sweet Korinky and the sultry sap of sweet vinegar, it's so delicious you can't stop eating it! At first, the sourness comes as a pickle, but as you crunch and chew, the flavor of the pumpkin seeps out.

Pickled Collinskee Easy Recipe

Since it is refreshing, it is perfect as a side dish for a break from the dinner table or as an accompaniment to fried or other rich dishes! It is also recommended as a snack for alcoholic beverages.

Of course, you can also enjoy korinky by frying or otherwise cooking it, but I personally recommend eating it raw to savor its unique, light and chewy texture. In addition to pickles, try pickling or marinating them, or enjoy them raw in any way you like!