Marugame Seimen "Oyster Champon Udon"
Marugame Seimen's Champon Udon looks delicious!

"Oshi Champon Udon" and "Pig Champon Udon" will be on sale on September 29th at each Marugame Seimen store (excluding some stores). Limited time sale until mid-November.

"Oyster Champon Udon" is a new product with 5 luxurious beach boiled oysters from Hiroshima prefecture, perfect for the fall of appetite. After the order is placed, sauté the oysters, which are characterized by their plump body, with butter to bring out the umami. Furthermore, you can enjoy the sweetness and texture by adding plenty of 6 kinds of ingredients such as bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, and corn.

Marugame Seimen "Oyster Champon Udon"

Japanese-style champon soup is made every day at the shop based on Hokkaido kelp and bonito-flavored white sardines drawn from multiple bonito flakes. The umami of oysters and the sweetness of vegetables soak into the entire soup, and the champon soup is entwined with the edges of the freshly made chewy noodles.

On the other hand, "Pig Champon Udon" is a dish in which fatty pork, vegetables with a moderately crispy texture, and Japanese-style Champon soup are entwined with freshly made chewy noodles. You can enjoy the freshness and heat because it is cooked after the order is placed.

Marugame Seimen "Pig Champon Udon"

The price of "Oyster Champon Udon" is 750 yen for average, 860 yen for large, and 970 yen for profit. "Pig Champon Udon" is average 690 yen, large 800 yen, and profitable 910 yen. Both include tax.