"Uchi Coco Set" for To go at CoCo Ichibanya
New menu for To go of CoCo Ichibanya!

At the curry house "CoCo Ichibanya", "Nico Nico Children's Curry" will be on sale from July 23, and "Uchi Coco Set" will be on sale from August 1.

Nico Nico Children's Curry

The selling price of "Nico Nico Children's Curry" is 500 yen (tax included, same below) for in-store use and 491 yen for To go. Handling until August 31st. You can choose "2 (Niko)" from 5 types of toppings that are popular with children's curry. The amount of rice is 200g, which is larger than before. The base curry is sweet pork curry.

CoCo Ichibanya's new menu

You can specify two types of toppings: "2 sausages", "2 fried chicken", "1 cream croquette (with crab)", "spinach (half)", and "cheese (half)". There is no limit on the number of orders, and it is not mandatory for children to come to the store or accompany them when taking them home.

Uchicoco set

"Uchi Coco Set" is a set of curry sauce and toppings, and comes in three types: A, B, and C. This is useful when you want to say "I have rice, but what should I do with side dishes?" The contents are as follows.

・ A set: Pork sauce (for 2 people), fish fry, loin cutlet, sausage, creamy tartar sauce

・ B set: Pork sauce (for 2 servings), soybean meat minced meat cutlet, fried chicken, roasted sardines, sausage, creamy tartar sauce

・ C set: Pork sauce (for 2 people), hand-prepared fin cutlet, cheese in hamburger, loin cutlet, sausage, creamy tartar sauce

CoCo Ichibanya's new menu

The selling price is 1,300 yen for the A set, 1,500 yen for the B set, and 1,900 yen for the C set. Both are handled throughout the year.