Baby Star Ramen Snacks (Dry Curry Flavor Supervised by CoCo Ichibanya) 6 Bags

"Baby Star Ramen Otsumi (dry curry flavor supervised by CoCo Ichibanya) 6 bags", a collaboration product of Oyatsu Company and curry specialty store "CoCo Ichibanya (hereinafter, Cocoichi)", will be on sale nationwide from February 1st. A snack that is perfect for drinking at home.

The collaboration project between "Kokoichi" and "Baby Star Ramen Snacks" has been a popular project since 2015. The new product that will be released this time is based on the image of "Kokoichi" original pork curry, and uses "Kokoichi"'s "Tobi Spicy Spice". It is finished in a dry curry taste that makes the aroma and spiciness of spices addictive.

The shape of the noodles uses three noodles that accentuate the flavor, giving it a crispy chewy texture and a chewy texture. The pleasant texture produced by the three-noodle baby star and the spicy flavor of "Kokoichi" curry that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth and the exquisite mix of sweet peanuts are the taste of sake.

It comes in 138g (23g x 6 bags) and the estimated price is 260 yen (excluding tax). Handling at supermarkets nationwide.

In addition to the "Baby Star Ramen" snack series that goes well with beer, "Baby Star Ramen Snacks (Spicy Chicken Flavor)", "Baby Star Ramen (Kokuuma Chicken Flavor)", and "Baby Star Ramen Kokuuma Chicken" "Taste (Kaki no Tane mix)" etc. are lined up.