Red Lobster "Crab Mountain"
Crab Mountain!

The "Happy Snow Crab Carnival" fair, which focuses on snow crabs, will be held from July 21st at the seafood restaurant "Red Lobster". The highlight is "Crab Mountain" with cold snow crab. You can enjoy twice as much crab at the usual price.

The size of Crab Mountain is 600g when "Normal" is usually 300g, 1.2kg when "Mount Fuji" is usually 600g, and 3kg when "Everest" is usually 1.5kg. Above all, Everest is a dish that is full of volume with 3 kg assorted like a mountain, and the appearance of the masterpiece is also good for photography. The selling price is as follows. All notations do not include tax.

・ Normal size 3,290 yen ・ Mount Fuji size 6,580 yen ・ Everest size 16,450 yen

In addition, there are "Summer Snow Crab Carnival Set" and "Crispy Pie Pizza (Club)" with plenty of crabs, and "Crab Pilaf" which is offered in double the amount of crabs.

Red Lobster "Summer Snow Crab Carnival Set"
Summer snow crab carnival set

The summer snow crab carnival set is usually 7,950 yen, but the special price is 6,490 yen. The contents are "Lobster Salad", "Clam Chowder", "Oyster Fry & Club Croquette", "Snow Crab (300g)", "Spare Ribs", "Shrimp Grill" and "Crab Pilaf".

The implementation stores are as follows.

・ Tokyo: Nerima Sekimachi store, Kamitabashi store, Musashino Sekimae store, Kitakoiwa store, Ueikedai store, Tamasakai store, Odaiba store ・ Kanagawa prefecture: Enoshima store, Shinhonmaki store, Yamato store, Higashi Totsuka store, Zushi store ・Chiba Prefecture: Shin-Matsudo Store, Mitsuwadai Store, Maihama Ixpiari Store, Saitama Prefecture: Kawaguchi Store, Yamanashi Prefecture: Kofu Store, Aichi Prefecture: Nagoya Port Garden Pier Store, Osaka Prefecture: Universal City Walk Osaka Store, Nagasaki Prefecture: House Ten Boss Store Okinawa Prefecture: Okinawa Kitatani store