"New ☆ Hamasta Support Lunch Box" from Kiyoken
Kiyoken "New ☆ Hamasta Support Lunch Box"

"New ☆ Hamasta Support Lunch Box" is now available from Kiyoken. It will be sold only on professional baseball days until November 1. It contains Menchi-katsu made from Kiyoken's shumai bean paste, and is juicy and has a satisfying taste.

The selling price is 1,200 yen (tax included). The Yokohama Stadium "Yokohama Stadium (Hamasta)", where the Sakiyoken main store is located, was renovated and expanded in February, and when it was reborn, lunch boxes were made to liven up Hamasuta and professional baseball.

A hearty menu with side dishes that are familiar at the Kiyoken store in Yokohama Stadium. Looking at the contents, the staple food "white rice" comes with small plums and black sesame, and is the chewy rice that Kiyoken is proud of, cooked with steam. "Old-fashioned shumai" comes in 3 pieces and comes with pork and dried scallops. "Deep-fried chicken lemon pepper flavor" has a refreshing flavor and can be used as a snack for beer. In addition to this, "Steamed chicken with color" can be enjoyed with a gorgeous look and a bubble wrap texture.

Kiyoken "New ☆ Hamasta Support Lunch Box"

In addition, "fried shrimp," "grilled salmon," "star-shaped hashed potato," "star-shaped carrot glasse," "boiled bamboo shoots," "grilled omelet," "fried egg," "pickled wormwood," and "small wormwood daifuku" are included.

The stores are "Yokohama Station Central Store", "Cubic Plaza Shin-Yokohama Store", "Beans Shin-Sugita Store", "Kannai Station South Exit Store", "Ise Saki Mall Store", and "Municipal Subway Totsuka Station Store". "Yokohama Stadium Uchizaki Yoken stores" also handle only professional baseball days at Yokohama Stadium.