"Ice sushi roe strawberry parfait" "Ice sushi honey lemon parfait"

From the "Sushiro Cafe Club" of "Akindo Sushiro", "Ice Hamideru Strawberry Parfait" and "Ice Hamideru Honey Lemon Parfait" will be released, which is a popular parfait as a standard dessert with two regular ice creams added. It will be available for a limited time from July 22nd.

"Ice cream strawberry parfait" is a cup of vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream with frozen strawberry and strawberry mousse, and a lot of strawberry feeling. By adding another ice cream, the strawberry feeling will be further enhanced. The appearance is also pretty finished.

"Ice sushi roe strawberry parfait" "Ice sushi honey lemon parfait"
Strawberry parfait with ice cream

"Ice honey lemon parfait" is a cup of sushiro's original vanilla yogurt ice cream and lemon sorbet with honey and lemon topping. Another lemon sorbet has been added to make it more refreshing. You can enjoy the change in taste by squeezing the lemon.

Sushiro "Ice sushi strawberry parfait" "Ice sushi honey lemon parfait"
Ice cream honey lemon parfait

In each case, you can enjoy the volume so that the ice cream seems to stick out of the bowl. The selling price is 280 yen (excluding tax), which is the same as the existing "condensed milk strawberry parfait" and "exhilarating honey lemon parfait".

Neither can be taken home. In addition to this, some stores have different menus and prices. It is not available at "Sushiro Konomi". It will end as soon as it runs out.