PRONTO "Raw Honey Banana Milk"

A new summer menu will be available from July 13th at Cafe Time at "Cafe & Bar PRONTO".

"Raw honey banana milk" is a cup of PRONTO's special banana milk topped with superfood raw honey (organic low honey). It features a smooth texture that is easy to drink even in summer and a refreshing taste. Perfect for breakfast and snacks. You can also choose a great XL size.

PRONTO "Raw Honey Banana Milk"

You can also change the drink from PRONTO's morning set to "raw honey banana milk" for +100 yen.

The seasonal recommended pasta "Salt Lemon Carbonara" is a dish that achieves a fragrant and mild acidity with a salt lemon sauce that uses lemons from Setouchi and salt from Okinawa Prefecture. The refreshing scent of lemon and the richness of mellow cheese make it a habit.

PRONTO "Salt Lemon Carbonara"