"Eye lolly first pudding" on 551 HORAI

From 551HORAI, summer limited products "cold noodles (chilled Chinese)" and "ice lolly first pudding" are on sale. The price is 350 yen for a pack of "cold noodles (chilled Chinese)" for 2 people, and from 2,730 yen for a set of 72 types of popsicles.

"Cold noodles (chilled Chinese) 2 servings pack" is a set of homemade egg noodles, sauce and mustard. It is characterized by its smoothness and smoothness. The sauce is a homemade soy sauce sauce made from kelp and broth. The attached mustard is also homemade. 110g (3.88oz) of noodles and 80g (2.82oz) of sauce per serving.

Summer limited "cold noodles (chilled Chinese)" at 551 HORAI

"Limited pudding candy 7 types, 21 bottles set" with limited flavor "Purin". There are 7 types of set contents: "pudding", "milk flavor", "azuki", "chocolate", "fruit", "matcha", and "pineapple".

"Eye lolly first pudding" on 551 HORAI

In addition, online shop business until May 6 is accepted only from 9:00 to 18:00. Products cannot be purchased at times other than the above. For more information on arrival dates, etc., please check the 551 HORAI official website.