Collaboration "Baby Star Curry Bread"

Yamazaki Baking sells "Baby Star Curry Bread," a product planned in collaboration with Oyatsu Company. Sold at stores handling Yamazaki products such as supermarkets nationwide, including "Daily Yamazaki" and "Yamazaki Shop". The price is 135 yen (excluding tax).

A collaboration project with Yamazaki, Yamazaki Baking "Baby Star Curry Bread". The curry bread that makes use of the unique texture of baby star ramen while retaining the flavor of baby star ramen with plenty of chicken flavor is finished in a dish that you can enjoy a crispy texture by using baby star ramen for the batter. I will. The baby star batter is coated with cheese, so you can enjoy the texture of baby star to the end.

If you are a baby star ramen fan, you should try "Baby Star Curry Bread". Baby star batter coated with cheese is attractive, isn't it? It looks good for snacks and filling your stomach. Why don't you pick it up when you see it?