Hotel New Otani Osaka "Warm fondant chocolat

Hotel New Otani Osaka has been releasing "Hotel Recipes from Outside the Hotel" since April 20, 2012, showing how to make authentic hotel gourmet dishes that can be easily prepared at home. As the second part of the series, "Secret Hotel Sweets Recipes" has been added to the website. The period is until May 31.

This is a project to support "home time" for families who have been asked by the national and local governments to refrain from going out to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Following the first series, which received a great response on TV and SNS, the second series features recipes for sweets that are perfect for home café time.

Whisking the dough

The patissier at Hotel New Otani Osaka, which prides itself on its sweets, recommends five new "authentic sweets recipes" that can be easily made at home. The recipes are arranged in such a way that even fathers and children, who rarely get to be in the kitchen, can easily prepare them and enjoy making authentic sweets at home. They are also perfect for a Mother's Day surprise.

The recipes are as follows

Chocolate terrine

Hotel New Otani Osaka "Chocolatelaine

Hawaiian Pancakes

Hotel New Otani Osaka "Hawaiian Pancakes

Warm fondant chocolates

Hotel New Otani Osaka "Warm fondant chocolat

Blood orange jelly and Earl Grey granita

Hotel New Otani Osaka "Blood Orange Jelly and Earl Grey Granita

Strawberry and Mascarpone Cream Sandwich

Hotel New Otani Osaka "Strawberry and Mascarpone Cream Sandwich