"Capricciosa" becomes "House Prechoza" !?
Home Capricciosa ... What is it?

In the casual Italian "Capricciosa", a logo mark for a limited time has appeared to support "Stay Home". A campaign entitled "#Ie Capricciosa" is also ongoing until May 31st.

"Capricciosa" becomes "House Prechoza" !?
Spaghetti with tomato and garlic

Capricciosa has been devised for various stay homes, such as making the classic " spaghetti of tomato and garlic" a one-coin menu for To go. For this limited time logo, the outside has been changed from a square to a house shape, the store name of "Capricciosa" has been changed to "House Prechoza", and the Italian word "TRATTORIA (dining room)" has also been changed to "CASA (house)". The fineness of the art.

"Capricciosa" becomes "House Prechoza" !?

You can participate in the "#Ie Capricciosa" campaign by following Capricciosa's official account (@ capricciosa1978) on Twitter and retweet the target tweet. Alternatively, you can post a photo of the To go menu at each Capricciosa store or a photo of enjoying Italian food at home with the hashtag "#Ie Prechoza" on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

By lottery, 20 people will win an assortment of Italian pasta (2 types of dried noodles) and original dressing. Winners will be notified by direct message from their official SNS account. For details, we recommend that you check the application rules on the official website.