Capricciosa "Sea Urchin Tomato Cream Spaghetti"

"Sea urchin tomato cream spaghetti," "shrimp pizza (shrimp mayo sauce)," "Omar shrimp soup," and "strawberry tiramisu" will be on sale from December 1st at each Capricciosa store (excluding some stores). A winter-only menu that creates a "special feeling" using luxurious seasonal ingredients such as sea urchin, shrimp, and crab. It will be on sale until January 31, 2022.

Sea urchin tomato cream spaghetti

Capricciosa "Sea Urchin Tomato Cream Spaghetti"

A special spaghetti made by matching sea urchin with Capricciosa's special tomato sauce and decorating it with dill as an accent. The price is 1,480 yen (tax included, same below).

Shrimp pizza (shrimp mayo sauce)

Capricciosa "Shrimp Pizza (Shrimp Mayo Sauce)"

A pizza that is savoryly baked with colorful vegetables, shrimp, and cheese based on tomato sauce with migratory crab meat. The price is 1,680 yen.

Lobster soup

Capricciosa "Omar lobster soup"

Tomato-based soup with plenty of lobster flavor. The price is 680 yen.

Strawberry tiramisu

Capricciosa "Strawberry Tiramisu"

Dolce with strawberry chocolate mousse on Capricciosa's original tiramisu. You can enjoy the contrast between the bittersweetness of tiramisu and the sweet and sour taste of mousse. The price is 680 yen.

* Products handled vary depending on the store.