Super "LIFE" School lunch milk is in the store
You can buy milk for school lunch at LIFE!

Milk for school lunch is sold at Super "LIFE" to support dairy farmers. It will be available at each LIFE store from April 22nd to May 2nd.

A state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection was issued nationwide, and school closures were postponed. Dairy farmers who have been feeding milk for school lunch are affected.

This is because milk that has not been used for school lunch is discarded or traded at a low price for processing such as skim milk powder.

Therefore, LIFE decided to sell milk for school lunch at the store as part of the support of dairy farmers. The first installment of a similar initiative, which began on March 18, has gained the understanding and cooperation of many customers. This is the second installment.

200 ml of milk for school lunch is included and the selling price is 78 yen (excluding tax) per bottle. The sales volume this time is planned to be 24,000. It will be available at each LIFE store from April 22nd. However, please note that "Drug Plus Shinagawa Gotenyama Store", "Bio-Ral Store" and "Miniel Nishihonmachi Store" are not eligible.