Famima "TABERU Ranch Milk
Get the limited renewal package of Taberu Ranch Milk

Famima, TABERU Ranch Milk, renewed, I tried it!

We tried the renewed "TABERU Ranch Milk" ice cream from FamilyMart. The taste is simple, yet irresistible to milk lovers, with an even more concentrated milkiness.

Famima "TABERU Ranch Milk
Bought 2 red and 2 white

The classic ice cream, nicknamed "Tabeboku," has been renewed this spring with the aim of making it "taste more like the soft-serve ice cream you eat at a ranch


As in the past, it still contains 56% Hokkaido milk. It also contains fresh cream and unsalted butter from Hokkaido. It is characterized by its rich and creamy taste with a refreshing aftertaste.

Famima "TABERU Ranch Milk
Milk, cream, butter and all this milky flavor.

The new package design is reminiscent of the lid of a milk bottle. Enjoy it while thinking of a tranquil dairy farm. Two types of red and white renewal limited packages are available in limited quantities.

Famima, TABERU RANGE MILK, renewed, tried it!
Simple white milk ice cream with no vanilla or egg.

When scooped with a spoon, the texture is soft and almost like soft ice cream. One bite and you will feel the milkiness of the pastry. The milk flavor lingers in the aftertaste. The addition of fresh cream and butter may seem to give it a rich finish, but the refreshing aftertaste is surprising.

Famima "TABERU Ranch Milk
The softness may be similar to soft ice cream.

If you are expecting so-called "butter sweets," you may be a little surprised. I have the impression that both cream and butter are used to enhance the "milkiness" of the product.

Famima "TABERU Ranch Milk
Smooth! And the taste that you will never get tired of is still there!

It is a very simple flavor with no vanilla or egg flavor, but you will never get tired of eating it. Enjoy it on a warm sunny day or after taking a bath.