7-ELEVEN Cafe "Cafe Latte" Renewal
All images are from the 7-ELEVEN official website

The milk of "7-ELEVEN Cafe" sold at 7-ELEVEN has changed, and the cafe latte has been renewed. "Tokuno Rich Milk" exclusively for the evolved cafe latte is used.

7-ELEVEN Cafe "Cafe Latte"

With this renewal, the special milk for latte has been renewed. "Tokuno Rich Milk", which was completed after trial and error, has a richer taste than milk using Hokkaido cream. By using more fresh dairy ingredients, the aftertaste is refreshing while being rich. This rich milk is whisked while warming with steam, making it even more delicious and richer than milk (hot only).

7-ELEVEN Cafe "Cafe Latte" Renewal

The product lineup of cafe latte is as follows.

Hot cafe latte R

The price is 139 yen (150.12 yen including tax).

Hot cafe latte L

The price is 186 yen (200.88 yen including tax).

Ice Cafe Latte R

The price is 167 yen (180.36 yen including tax).

Ice Cafe Latte L

The price is 232 yen (250.56 yen including tax).

7-ELEVEN Cafe "Cafe Latte" Renewal

* 7-ELEVEN Cafe is not available at some stores.
* Product standards, prices, and release dates may differ depending on the region.