Ohayo Dairy Products "Jersey Milk Pudding Royal Milk Tea"

From the Ohayo Dairy Products "Jersey Milk Pudding" series, "Jersey Milk Pudding Royal Milk Tea" will be released on January 11, 2022 (preceding convenience stores). The content is 115g (4.06oz), and the estimated price is 156 yen (tax included).

Jersey milk pudding royal milk tea

Royal milk tea flavored jersey milk pudding will be available seasonally in the fall of 2018 and fall of 2019. After the sale ended, it was so popular that many people requested it to be re-released. This time, the recipe has been improved while being based on the popular products of the time, and the taste is finished with a good aftertaste.

A blend of two types of black tea, "Assam", which is characterized by its sweet aroma and rich flavor, and "Nilgiri," which is slightly fruity and is also known as the Blue Mountain of black tea. Combined with rich, rich jersey milk. It is a dessert unique to this season, where you can enjoy the smooth texture that melts and the rich taste of royal milk tea.

Jersey milk pudding

The "Jersey Milk Pudding" series released in 1999 is a two-layered milk pudding with a melting texture and a smooth cream. It features a milk-rich and gentle taste that uses luxuriously rare Jersey milk, which is about 0.8% of domestic dairy cows.

Ohayo Dairy Products "Jersey Milk Pudding"