Matsuya To go "Premium Beef Rice + Raw Vegetables" Discount
18% off when you To go with raw vegetables!

At Matsuya, a "premium beef rice + raw vegetables 18% off 400 yen" campaign will be held exclusively for To go. Limited time until April 28th. At the same time, "Set meal rice large serving free" will be held until May 12.

As the demand for bento boxes increases in Matsuya, the idea is to be able to eat a well-balanced meal of meat and vegetables at home. The content of the campaign is that "Premium beef rice (normal)" and side menu "Raw vegetables" are usually 490 yen in total (tax included, the same applies below), but only To go is 400 yen. 90 yen discount for beef rice of sizes other than (normal).

Matsuya To go "Premium Beef Rice + Raw Vegetables" Discount
Free set meal rice

Also, if you order a set meal to take home, you can change the rice to "Large" for free. However, "Tokumori", which has more volume than Omori, costs 40 yen separately.

If you ask to take them home, you will not get miso soup, unlike in-store use. If you want it, it costs 60 yen separately.

By the way, both campaigns can be used at Matsuya nationwide in principle, but please note that some stores are not eligible. We recommend that you check the official website for the latest information on the business days and hours of each store.