"Mother's Day Bento" at Kiyoken
Gorgeous Mother's Day lunch box again this year

"Mother's Day Bento" will be on sale at Kiyoken in Shiumai. For women who want to eat various side dishes little by little, various dishes are packed in 9 small partitions. Limited quantity will be available from May 8th to 10th.

The selling price is 1,250 yen (tax included). It will appear at this time of the year from Kiyoken, and 2020 will be the 11th year.

The feature is three kinds of rice. You can enjoy chestnuts that are perfect for special occasions, "red rice" with sesame salt, "white rice with cherry blossoms" that is slightly salty, and "tea rice with golden alfonsino" that has a strong umami flavor.

Gorgeous "Mother's Day Bento" at Kiyoken
The outside and inside are cute

Other side dishes include two of Kiyoken's signature "old-fashioned shumai", as well as "headed shrimp simmered in tofu", "simmered scallops in salt", "simmered plum-shaped carrots", and "simmered konbu maki". There are "Lotus root white simmered", "Herring konbu maki", "Black flower beans", "Gome tofu fried", "Thick shumai egg", "Rapeseed pickles", and "Sakura radish pickles". It also comes with an original message card.

Gorgeous "Mother's Day Bento" at Kiyoken
With original message card

It will be sold over-the-counter in parts of Kanagawa on May 8th and in parts of Kanagawa and Tokyo on May 9th and 10th. Pre-orders are also available from May 8th to 10th at about 150 stores, mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo, and pre-orders can be made until 12:00 the day before delivery. However, it will end as soon as the planned number is reached. It is recommended that you check the latest information on the official website for the business dates and times of each store.