LeTAO "Uji Matcha Milk Double"

From Otaru Western Confectionery LeTAO, "Uji Matcha Milk Double", a matcha-flavored double fromage that has evolved even more deliciously, is now available. It is sold at the official online shop.

"Uji Matcha Milk Double" is a unique double fromage where you can enjoy the depth and aroma of matcha. Through trial and error so that everyone will love it, the milky feeling has become even richer.

LeTAO "Uji Matcha Milk Double"

Two layers, "baked layer" and "rare cheese layer". Uji matcha is mixed in the baked layer to bring out the rich milkiness and richness of the refreshing bitterness. By adding jersey milk to the rare cheese layer, the finish is more milky.

Uji matcha is also used for the crumbs that cover the surface. With bright colors, you can fully enjoy matcha from the outside. When you eat it, matcha and milk melt together smoothly and lightly, making it an addictive taste.

The size is 12 cm in diameter. The price is 1,728 yen (tax included, shipping not included). The sale period is until June 7th, and the delivery period is until June 15th.