"Green burger" that does not use animal ingredients for Mos Burger

At Mos Burger, the hamburger "MOS PLANT-BASED GREEN BURGER", which does not use animal ingredients as raw materials and uses vegetables and grains as the main ingredients, will be on sale from March 26th. First Tokyo, handled in Kanagawa a total of 9 stores, has nationwide is aimed to prospect for around May.

Mos Burger has already introduced "Soy Patty," which uses soybean-derived vegetable protein without using meat, and stores in Taiwan and Singapore have introduced hamburgers that use plant-derived meat substitutes. This time, the green burger was developed as a new food option for the domestic market.

The price is 538 yen (excluding tax). It is made without using specific ingredients. Specifically, animal-derived products such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, as well as vegetables with a strong odor that are prohibited in Buddhism, such as "gokun," that is, long onions, scallions, leeks, and garlic. It's an onion.

Therefore, Patty is based on soybean-derived vegetable protein, and konjac and cabbage are added to make it more satisfying to eat. The combined sauce is based on tomatoes and is textured with carrots and burdock, plus several herbs to add depth.

Green buns kneaded with spinach puree are characterized by a fluffy texture and a slight sweetness of vegetables. In addition, vegetables such as green leaf, shredded lettuce, and tomato are sandwiched with patties.

It should be noted that the Green Burger manufacturing plant produces products containing animal ingredients, and the stores share cooking equipment with animal ingredients, and some of the auxiliary ingredients are ingredients other than vegetables and grains. It is used. Also, it is not a low allergen menu.

The initial stores are "Mos Burger Osaki Store", "Mos Burger Roppongi Store", "Mos Burger Akihabara Suehirocho Store", "Mos Cafe Omotesando Store", "Mos Cafe Nishi Ginza Store", "Mos Cafe Hankyu Oimachi Store", "Mos Cafe Ginza Nine Store", and "Mos Cafe Haneda Airport". It will be "Moss Cafe Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Store" and "Moss Cafe Enoshima Store" from April 1st.