Lawson "Uchi Cafe Petit Ice Baschi 9ml x 6"
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Introducing new arrival sweets and bread that will be on sale from March 24th at each Lawson store. Here are 10 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Mount Pudding Basque
Sweets with whole pudding on cheesecake "Basque". Enjoy cheesecake and pudding with plenty of cream. The price is 380 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson's "Mount Purin Bastie"

・ Melting white ball Mitarashi
Sweets that combine whipped custard mousse and mitarashi sauce with chewy white balls. The sweetness of the mousse and the sweetness of the mitarashi blend in a perfect balance. The price is 245 yen.

Lawson "Melting Shiratama Mitarashi"

・ Uchi Cafe Petit Ice Basque 9ml (0.3us fl oz) x 6 pieces
A bite-sized ice cream that reproduces Basque. Bittersweet caramel chocolate coaching is combined with cheese ice cream made from Hokkaido cream cheese. Rich cheese sauce in the center. The price is 214 yen.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Petit Ice Baschi 9ml x 6"

・ Mugwort scented kusa mochi (red bean paste)
Kusa mochi made from domestic wormwood with a refreshing flavor. It is wrapped in a refreshing sweet bean paste. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson's "Yomogi Fragrant Kusa Mochi"

・ Matinopan Matcha Anpan
Wrap the bean paste and walnuts in a dough containing matcha powder, and top with poppy seeds. It is finished in a shape that resembles a leaf. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson's "Machinopan Matcha Anpan"

・ 4 pieces of baked cheesecake roll
Cheese filling is topped on a baked cheese-like dough kneaded with cheese paste. Cheese cream is involved. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson's "Grilled Cheesecake Roll 4 Pieces"

・ Hamburger donuts Demi sauce & cheese
Juicy hamburger steak, demiglace sauce, fried donuts wrapped in cheese. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson's "Hamburger Donut Demi Sauce & Cheese"

・ NL Bran Donut Chocolate
A donut made by kneading cocoa and cube chocolate into a dough containing bran. The price is 120 yen.

Lawson's "NL Bran Donut Chocolate"

・ Ham cheese egg sandwich
A sandwich with a colorful combination of ham, cheese, and eggs. You can enjoy two flavors, cheddar cheese and cream cheese. The price is 298 yen.

Lawson's "Ham Cheese Egg Sandwich"

・ Shrimp and burger
A burger where you can enjoy shrimp cutlets with a crispy texture. The tartar sauce with dill and cabbage are combined to make it juicy. The price is 368 yen.

Lawson's "Shrimp and Burger"