Starbucks "Soi Starbucks Latte" "Oat Milk Latte" "Almond Milk Latte"

Starbucks classic "Starbucks latte". It is a popular beverage that is made by pouring steam milk into espresso and carefully topping it with foam milk.

We have been able to customize milk to low-fat type and non-fat milk, but there are more variations of vegetable milk! In addition to "soy milk", "oats milk " and "almond milk" are being developed. I drank and compared three latte.

Starbucks "Soi Starbucks Latte" "Oat Milk Latte" "Almond Milk Latte"

◆ Soi latte

Uses Starbucks original soy milk that is compatible with espresso. Soy milk that gently wraps the bitter taste of espresso. It's lighter than milk, but you can feel the richness of the beans. Stable taste that complements each other. The price of the short size is 390 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Starbucks "Soi Starbucks Latte"

◆ Oat milk latte

Uses oat milk made from oats. Oat milk is not very familiar, but the slight sweetness derived from grains goes well with espresso. At first, it is crisp and bitter and gradually gradation to a mellow flavor. It feels a bit quirky compared to soy milk, but when you get hooked on it, you'll want to repeat it many times. The price of the short size is 390 yen. Limited time until April 8th.

Starbucks "Oat Milk Latte"

◆ Almond milk latte

Uses Starbucks original almond milk. The taste of almonds is as rich as espresso! By blending the aromas of each, it creates a deep taste. A pleasant cup of bitterness that remains in the aftertaste. The price of the short size is 390 yen.

Starbucks "Almond Milk Latte"

Soy, oats, and almonds are all unique, and I'm surprised that the taste changes so much just because the milk is different! If you combine it with milk, you can choose from 6 types of milk, so it seems that you can meet your favorite cup.