New Starbucks "Chocolate Mousse Latte" and "Iced Cappuccino

Starbucks new food report "Chocolate Mousse Latte (hot/ice)" and "Iced Cappuccino"

Starbucks Coffee stores will hold "COFFEE fun WEEK" for two weeks from September 27 to coincide with "International Coffee Day" on October 1. Two coffee beverages, "Chocolate Mousse Latte" and "Iced Cappuccino," will be available on the same day to celebrate the opening of the WEEK!

Starbucks has a strong impression of Frappuccinos when it comes to new releases, but the star of the show this time is coffee beverages! The En-Eat editorial staff tried the new items ahead of other Starbucks products.

Chocolate Mousse Latte

This beverage gently wraps espresso with the savory sweetness of nuts and fluffy mousse. A double shot of "Blonde Espresso Roast," which is characterized by its light flavor, is combined with an almond and hazelnut sauce that goes perfectly with the bright taste of the espresso. The top is topped with a generous dollop of fluffy chocolate mousse, making the drink a rewarding experience from the very first sip.

Available hot and iced, tall size only. Priced at 579 yen (tax included) for take-out and 590 yen for in-store use. Available from September 27 to October 31.

Starbucks "Chocolate Mousse Latte

This time, I tasted the hot one! The first thing you will notice is the moist and smooth chocolate mousse. It is gently sweet, and the chocolate flavor spreads softly in your mouth. Next is the rich and savory aroma of coffee! There is almost no heavy bitterness, and the savory aroma of the nut sauce goes well with the coffee! It is a taste that nut chocolate lovers will be addicted to. I would like to have it as a companion for my autumn walks!

Starbucks "Chocolate Mousse Latte

nut chocolate

A recommended customization is to change the almond milk. It goes well with the nutty sauce. They also recommend changing to soy milk. Basically, you can enjoy various milk changes.

Iced Cappuccino

This beverage was created in response to requests for an iced version of the "cappuccino," which allows you to fully enjoy the softly frothy foam milk. This drink is made with velvety cold milk foam and features the same dense froth as the hot version.

Starbucks "Iced Cappuccino

Prices are 441 yen for a short size, 481 yen for a tall size, 525 yen for a grande size, and 570 yen for a venti size for take-out. After its release on September 27, it will be available as a regular beverage.

Foam milk! Mochi, plump! It's amazing! The presence of the foam milk is amazing! Since it is ice cream, it does not melt quickly, and you can enjoy it for a while. This is an addictive richness. ......

Starbucks "Iced Cappuccino

The richness and pleasant bitterness come from behind the thick foam milk. The simplicity of the drink allows for a variety of customization options. I added "vanilla syrup" to try it out! It changes the taste to a clean, natural sweetness that makes it easy to drink.

Starbucks "Iced Cappuccino

You can also add "caramel syrup", "honey", or "caramel sauce" for a dessert-like experience! You can also add brown sugar topping to accentuate the texture of the drink. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a crisp drink, we recommend adding a shot of espresso.

Starbucks "Iced Cappuccino
Additional caramel sauce

The new Starbucks "Chocolate Mousse Latte" and "Iced Cappuccino" are perfect for this autumn season. Why not try them with the new food and enjoy your tea time?

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