Starbucks "Oat Milk Latte" "Almond Milk Latte" "Soilate"

"Oat Milk Latte" and "Almond Milk Latte" will be released on March 13th at each Starbucks store (excluding some stores). Prices start at 390 yen each for short sizes (excluding tax). * +50 yen if all milk is changed to oat milk / almond milk

Starbucks has endeavored to expand Japan's "latte culture". We will expand the variety of milks you can choose from the desire to deliver "latte" that suits your taste and mood to as many people as possible. There are 6 types of lineup: "Starbucks milk", "low fat type", "non-fat milk", "soy milk", "oats milk" and "almond milk".

Starbucks milk used for all espresso beverages has been renewed in pursuit of compatibility with espresso. Espresso and milk complement each other, allowing you to enjoy the afterglow of coffee.

In addition, "oats milk" and "almond milk" have appeared as new options for vegetable milk. Based on the policy announced by Starbucks globally in January 2020 to expand the plant-derived menu with less environmental impact, Starbucks Coffee Japan will also release three types including the standard soy milk. We propose options that are friendly to the global environment as well as refreshing taste.

"Oat milk latte" is a beverage that combines oat milk produced from oats with espresso. You can enjoy the sweetness derived from grains and the good compatibility of coffee. Limited time until April 8th.

The classic "almond milk latte" is a beverage made by pouring plenty of Starbucks original almond milk into espresso. You can enjoy the harmony of roasted espresso and the aroma of almond milk.