Nakau "Chicken Tsukushiju" for a limited time

The limited-time menu "Chicken Tsukushiju" will be on sale on March 19th at each "Nakau" restaurant (excluding some restaurants) of Donburi and Kyoto-style udon noodles. The average price is 690 yen, and the large serving is 760 yen (both including tax).

"Chicken Tsukuneju" is a menu where you can enjoy three kinds of flavors with one weight, which is rice with chopped seaweed and skewers of "Momo", "Tsukune", and "Mune". The juicy thigh meat and the refreshing breast meat are carefully grilled over charcoal so that you can enjoy the condensed flavor of skewers. In addition, ginger is added to the taste accent of Nakau's special Tsukune, and you can enjoy the flavor of ginger along with the overflowing taste of Tsukune.

Also, by baking the surface on an iron plate, the outside is fragrant and the inside is fluffy and fluffy. It is a dish that Nakau is proud of, where you can enjoy the excellent compatibility of chicken and special sauce with rice.

Nakau "Chicken Tsukushiju" where you can enjoy 3 kinds of meat. For a limited time, check it out as soon as possible if you are interested!