Nakau's new menu item: "Yukke-don (squid with rice topped with yukke)".


New Menu: Yukke-don with Pick

led Squid and Udon Noodles Nakau will start selling "Yukke-don with Pickled Squid and Udon Noodles" on November 17, starting at 11:00 a.m. The price is 650 yen for a small portion, 690 yen for a medium portion, and 1,180 yen for a special portion (all incl. tax). Prices are 650 yen for a small bowl, 690 yen for a medium bowl, and 1,180 yen for a special bowl (all prices include tax). It is also available for To go.

Pickled squid



Chunky pickled squid, egg and spicy

sauce "Pickled squid yukke-don" is a bowl of rice topped with chopped nori (seaweed) and plenty of squid marinated in a sauce, along with a special egg and yukke-style spicy sauce. The marinated squid with a firm texture created by marinating in the sauce goes perfectly with the garlicky and spicy flavor of the yukaye-style umakara sauce.

The rich and thick "kodawari tamago" (egg) is mixed in to enjoy both the spicy and mild flavors of the dish. We recommend tasting the marinated squid at first, and then breaking up the egg and mixing it with the yukke-style spicy sauce as you eat the squid.

The sale is scheduled to end at the end of January.
The product will be available at 461 stores, excluding some stores (as of November 14). (As of November 14).