Burger King "Deluxe Chicken Wapper" for a limited time

"Deluxe Chicken Wapper" and "Deluxe Chicken Wapper Jr." are on sale at each Burger King store (excluding some stores).

"Deluxe Chicken Wapper", or "Derachiki" for short, is the largest burger in the Burger King menu (currently on sale).

The juicy 100% grilled beef patty, which we are proud of, is layered with crispy crispy chicken patty, and smoky bacon, cheddar cheese and pickles, and fresh lettuce, toast, and onion are seasoned with royal ketchup and mayonnaise. And sandwiched with toasted sesame buns. The moment you take a bite, the various flavors rush into the juicy, making it a voluminous, literally deluxe whopper.

The prices are as follows (all including tax).

"Deluxe Chicken Wapper" single item 940 yen, set 1,240 yen "Deluxe Chicken Wapper Jr." single item 740 yen, set 1,040 yen

* Some stores sell outside the breakfast time (~ 10: 30)