Missed "Pokemon Pikachu Donut".

Mr. Donut, in an initiative with Pokémon Co. under the theme of "May You Smile," will offer limited-time doughnuts, Christmas sets, and kids' sets from early November, and grab bags from late December.

Now in its fifth year, Mister Donut and Pokémon Co., Ltd. will offer products and goods that feel special in winter to provide happy moments both in the store and at home, under the brand slogan "Good Things Comes to Mister Donut".

In addition to the popular "Pokemon Pikachu Doughnut," which has been a big hit every year, the new "Pikachu Snowman Doughnut," featuring the image of a snowman, will be available this year. In addition, "Pokemon Pudding Doughnut," a doughnut made from Pudding, the Pokemon that sings a soothing song, will also be available from December. More details on products and campaigns will be announced as they become available.

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