Pokémon Plastic Cup" merchandise for Mister Donut's "Missed Pokémon Kids Set".

Pokémon Plastic

Cup, a merchandise item from the "Missed Pokémon Kids Set" at Mister Donut, will be available at Mister Donut from November 9, 2012. The quantity is limited and will end as soon as it is gone.


Plastic Cup Two types of "Pokemon Plastic Cup" goods from "Miss Donuts Pokemon Kids Set," which includes donuts and goods, are now available. This is part of the 5th year campaign with Pokémon under the theme of "May it bring a smile to your face.

The "Pokemon Plastic Cups" are lightweight and easy for children to use, and the cute Pokemon designs make snack time fun. There are two types: "Nakayoshi," featuring cute Pikachu and Pudding, and "Nakamates," featuring the new Pokémon Nyaoha, Hogeta, and Kwassu from the Nintendo Switch software "Pokémon Scarlett Violet.

Mr. Donut "Pokemon Plastic Cup" merchandise for "Miss Donut's Pokemon Kids Set".
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Pokémon Plastic Cup" merchandise for Mister Donut's "Missed Pokémon Kids Set".

The size of the set is approximately 7.9 cm (height) x 7.0 cm (diameter) and is partially made of biomass plastic.

Kids' Set

[Set for in-store sales]
The main menu does not include drinks, soups, and set menus.

Mr. Donut "Kids Set" set for in-store sales

[Sets exclusively for MISUDO Net Order]
MISUDO Net Order is for To go only.

Mr. Donut "Kids' Set" set exclusively for Miss Donut online order

Products for kids' drinks: 100% Valencia orange juice, 100% Aomori Fuji apple juice, wild grape squash, Calpis, Coca-Cola, melon soda, iced oolong tea, iced milk (only iced milk is available for in-store consumption only).
Products, set contents, and prices differ at some stores.
Limited number of goods available.
The event will end when all the goods or original paper bags are gone.

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