Kurazushi "Mont Blanc Parfait

Mont Blanc Parfait, Victoria Cake, Italian Tiramisu, and Deep Fried Soy Milk Donuts will be available at Kura Sushi on October 1. All are not available for take-out.

Mont Blanc Parfait

The "Caramel Mont Blanc Parfait" is a renewal of the "Mont Blanc Parfait" that has been sold twice in the past and was very popular. The rich Mont Blanc cream is combined with bittersweet caramel to create a more mature parfait.

The Mont Blanc cream is made with richly flavored Italian chestnuts. The parfait is made with a balance of three types of cream: a rich Mont Blanc cream, a light Mont Blanc whip, and a whip that enhances the sweetness of the chestnuts, so that the overall effect is not too heavy.

Kurazushi "Mont Blanc Parfait

To ensure that customers can enjoy it until the end, a crushed pie with a crunchy texture is placed in the base and topped with caramel latte ice cream, which has the gentle sweetness of milk and the bitterness of caramel that is addictive. The pie is decorated with astringent chestnuts and meringue cookies, giving it an autumnal flavor and appearance.

The price is 640 yen. Available from October 1 to November 1. Limited to 10 servings per day at each store. Not available at the global flagship store, Kura Sushi Harajuku.

Victoria Cake

Newly introduced is "Victoria Cake," a traditional sweet that originated in England and was named after Queen Victoria's favorite. Although simple, this cake is so popular in the UK that it rivals the Japanese "shortcake. Raspberry jam and butter cream are sandwiched between the firm, heavy, pound cake-like dough. It is moderately sweet and recommended as an after-dinner sweet. The price is 250 yen. On sale from October 1 to November 1.

Kura Sushi "Victoria Cake

Italian Tiramisu

The base is made of sponge dough soaked in rum-infused coffee syrup. The mascarpone mousse is placed on top, and cocoa powder is sprinkled on the surface. The price is 250 yen. The product will be on sale from October 1 until it is gone.

Kura Sushi "Italian Tiramisu

Deep-fried soy milk doughnut

Donuts are deep-fried to order, topped with azuki beans and vanilla ice cream, and served with a drizzle of molasses on top. The fluffy texture of the doughnut and the gentle flavor of the ice cream are a perfect match. The price is 360 yen. On sale from October 1 to November 1.

Kurazushi "Deep-fried soy milk doughnut

Price differs in some stores.