Truffle Bakery's "White Truffle Salt Bread" and "Black Truffle Egg Sandwich"

Truffle BAKERY

Truffle BAKERY is a bakery owned by Dress Table, a European specialty food company. In addition to the main store in Monzennaka-cho, Tokyo, there are several other stores.

We visited the Sangenjaya store this time. About a 5-minute walk from the station, you will see the stylish brick exterior.

Truffle Bakery Sangenjaya

When you open the door, an appetizing aroma fills the air. The shelves are lined with a wide variety of breads. The self-service system allows customers to place the bread on a tray and pay at the cash register.

White Truffle Salt Bread

The popular "White Truffle Salt Bread" is a bread baked with homemade truffle butter rolled into a dough made from first-class Canadian flour. It is finished with truffle oil and topped with white truffle and salt. When we told them we were going to eat it right away, they served the bread warm. Priced at 180 yen (excluding tax, same as below).

Truffle Bakery's "White Truffle Salt Bread"

Take a bite and be amazed at how fragrant it is! The aroma of white truffles wafts into your nose every time you bite into the sticky dough. You can also taste the richness of the butter, but the truffle is so rich that it plays a minor role. It's extremely delicious. It's a luxury taste, and yet it costs only about 200 yen...! I feel that truffles have become "familiar" to us all at once.

Truffle Bakery's "White Truffle Salt Bread"

Black Truffle Egg Sandwich

The Black Truffle Egg Sandwich combines truffles and eggs, which are considered to go well together in Europe. Special bread is used. The price is 580 yen.

Truffle Bakery's "Black Truffle Egg Sandwich"

First of all, the bread is of high quality. The dough is soft and fluffy all the way down to the ear, with a hint of sweetness when chewed. The egg filling, which still has a firm texture, adds a mild flavor to the bread. Finally, truffles add a rich aroma. It is a simple yet luxurious delicacy that shows the care that has gone into its creation.

Truffle Bakery's "Black Truffle Egg Sandwich"


The "Croissant" has been renewed to enhance the "crispiness" of the surface and the "firmness" of the dough. The moment you bite into the croissant, it is crispy, but the inside layer is delicate. The layers are delicate and delicate when you bite into it, but they unravel in your mouth to reveal a deep, rich flavor. The buttery flavor is so rich that it makes you miss slightly bitter coffee. The price is 198 yen.

Truffle Bakery's "Croissant

In addition to the three items we have introduced, there are a variety of other breads, from breads to side dishes and sweet breads, that will make you want to visit the store every day. Why not enjoy the "new luxury" of tasting a high-quality ingredient with bread, a familiar foodstuff?

Truffle Bakery Bag