Famima Bakery "Sweets Series

FamilyMart has launched a new line of "sweets series" of breads that look like sweets as part of its FAMIMA BAKERY lineup. The "Chocolate and Nut Croissant Doughnut," "Pistachio Danish," "Whipped French Toast with Fermented Butter," and "Fermented Butter Cake Tart" have been on sale since October 4. The region of release differs depending on the product.

Famima Bakery "Sweets Series

The "Sweets Series" has been newly launched at Famima Bakery to further expand the lineup of trendy ingredients and appearance in sweets and bakery-inspired breads. The first lineup includes products using the trendy ingredients "pistachio" and "fermented butter," as well as products based on croissant dough and French bread dough, offering breads with a different taste from the usual.

Chocolate and Nut Croissant Doughnut

A hybrid bread of croissant dough and doughnut. The FamilyMart original chocolate coating is topped with almonds and pistachios and sandwiched between chocolate cream. Priced at 158 yen (tax included, same as below). Sold nationwide except Okinawa Prefecture; on sale October 4.

FamilyMart "Chocolate and Nut Croissant Doughnut

Pistachio Danish

Pistachio cream is rolled into Danish dough, which is folded in fermented buttered fat from Brittany, and topped with crushed pistachios. Priced at 168 yen. Sold nationwide except Okinawa Prefecture.

FamilyMart "Pistachio Danish

Whipped French Toast (whipped with fermented butter)

Thickly sliced, crispy French bread dough soaked in French liquid and filled with rich whipped fermented butter. Priced at 168 yen. Sold nationwide except Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefectures.

FamilyMart "Whipped French Toast with Fermented Butter

Fermented Butter Cake Tart

A cake tart with a rich buttery flavor. The tart dough with almond powder is filled with milk cream with fermented butter, and the butter cake dough with fermented butter is layered and baked. The price is 150 yen. Sold nationwide except Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures.

FamilyMart "Fermented Butter Cake Tart

Specifications and prices may differ for Okinawa Prefecture.
Some stores may not carry the product.