Funabashiya Koyomi "Sakura Kuzumochi Pudding" Seasonal

"Sakura Kuzumochi Pudding" will be on sale on February 26th at each Funabashiya Koyomi store. Cherry blossom season only. The price is 400 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until April 14th.

The most popular "Kuzumochi pudding" at Funabashiya Koyomi store. "Sakura Kuzumochi Pudding" is flavored with cherry leaves for a slightly gentle taste. Furthermore, the jelly of cherry blossoms is put on it, and it is finished as a dish that feels spring. * Uses liqueur.

The secret of the fluffy texture is wheat starch fermented with lactic acid for 450 days. A pudding unique to Funabashiya that uses the ingredients of kuzumochi.

The stores are as follows.

Hiroo Main Store, Perie Chiba Ekinaka Store, Ecute Tokyo Store, Ecute Edition Shibuya Store