Funabashiya "Cat Cup Kuzumochi"

"Cat Cup Kuzumochi" will be on sale for a limited time at Funabashiya Ecute Nippori and Ecute Tachikawa on February 22nd, "Cat Day". The sale period is until March 3rd. The price is 463 yen per piece (excluding tax).

Funabashiya's Kuzumochi is a fermented food made by lactic acid fermentation of wheat starch for 450 days and steaming it. "Cat Cup Kuzumochi", which is a limited-time product before and after Cat Day, is released, in which Kuzumochi, which is usually cut into a diamond shape, is cut into a cat shape.

Two cats can be seen on the side of the transparent cup, so it looks like a cat is peeking from the outside, and it's also very cute! The label sticker is also limited to cat cup kuzumochi. Four kinds of cats are designed, and you can choose the kind you like. It's edible size and perfect as a souvenir!

・ Cat cup kuzumochi
Contents: 8 pieces of kuzumochi (normally 6 pieces of kuzumochi, 2 pieces of cat-shaped kuzumochi)

With a cute cat design, "Cat Cup Kuzumochi" is recommended for cat lovers' snacks and small souvenirs. Why don't you enjoy Cat Day with cute Japanese sweets?