Funabashiya "Amatsu Mitsumame

A new product, "Amatsu Mitsumame" will be available at Funabashiya and Funabashiya official mail order for a limited time. The price is 630 yen for "Amatsu Mitsumame" and 690 yen for "Amatsu Mitsumame (sweet summer honey)" (both including tax).

Amatsu Mitsumame

This month's seasonal product is "Amatsu Mitsumame," an eye-catching, fruit-filled item with a bright orange color. In addition to seasonal fruits such as amanatsu and mango, the agar is also made with mandarin oranges. You can taste both the refreshing flavor of mikan agar with mikan juice added and the natural scent of the sea and the crunchy texture of the transparent agar. This is an August-only product with just the right amount of sweet and sour taste to make it addictive. You can enjoy it while adjusting the amount of white honey to your liking. It will be on sale from August 2 to August 31.

Amatsu Mitsumame (sweet summer honey)

Funabashiya Daimaru Tokyo store also sells "Amatsu Mitsumame (sweet summer honey). This store-exclusive honey has the flavor of mandarin oranges and has an even more fruity taste. It will be on sale from August 2 to August 10.

Ideal as a souvenir for family and friends. This product can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Why not cool down in the hot summer by eating amanatsu mitsumame?