Morozoff's Christmas limited sweets

Morozoff will release Christmas-only sweets on December 23rd. "Christmas Strawberry Night" and "Christmas Candlelight" etc. The handling period is until December 25th.

・ Christmas Strawberry Night "Christmas Strawberry Night" with a fluffy sponge cake layered on top of strawberry pudding. Topped with strawberry mousse on the top, and finally with a bright raspberry sauce. The price is 450 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Candlelight"

・ Christmas Glittering Holy Night "Christmas Glittering Holy Night" is a chocolate pudding filled with glossy glasage chocolate and topped with truffle chocolate. Accented with sweet and sour raspberry sauce. The price is 450 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Sparkling Holy Night"

・ Christmas candlelight Morozoff's popular custard pudding is topped with diced chocolate sponge and plenty of cream shanti, and topped with strawberry. The price is 450 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Candlelight"

・ Christmas Snow Mont Blanc "Christmas Snow Mont Blanc" is based on the image of Mont Blanc where it snows. Layer chocolate sponge and marron cream on custard pudding and top with chocolate for a luxurious taste. The price is 450 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Snow Mont Blanc"

・ Christmas Strawberry Shortcake Morozoff's strawberry shortcake using plenty of cream shanti and strawberries. Accented with Santa Claus sugar ornament and two-color star-shaped chocolate. Sliced strawberries and cream shanti are sandwiched between the fluffy sponge cakes.

Morozoff "Christmas Strawberry Shortcake"

The diameter is about 15.5 cm and the price is about 3,600 yen. The diameter is about 12.5 cm and the price is about 2,300 yen.

・ Christmas Gournoble (white)
Sand the chocolate cream with walnuts with a chocolate sponge and coat it with cream shanti. A cake softly wrapped in white chocolate. It is about 15 cm in diameter and costs 1,500 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Gournoble (White)"

・ A cake that combines a sparkling holy night raspberry mousse, a mellow chocolate mousse, and a chocolate sponge. The diameter is about 15 cm and the price is 3,000 yen.

Morozoff "Glittering Holy Night"

・ Christmas Montblanc Cheesecake A cake made by squeezing flavorful marron cream on a milky mascarpone cheesecake made from raw milk from the Neku district of Hokkaido. The diameter is about 11.5 cm and the price is 1,500 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Montblanc Cheesecake"

・ Christmas chocolate torte
A three-layer chocolate sponge wrapped in chocolate butter cream. It is about 12 cm in diameter and costs 1,200 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Chocolate Torte"

・ Christmas Danish Cream Cheesecake A popular Danish cream cheesecake with Santa drawn in white chocolate powder. The diameter is about 17 cm and the price is 1,000 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Danish Cream Cheesecake"

・ Christmas Mascarpone Cheesecake A soft cheesecake made from Hokkaido mascarpone cheese with a milky flavor and a smooth texture, with a Christmas tree drawn with strawberry and matcha powder. The diameter is about 17 cm and the price is 1,200 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Mascarpone Cheesecake"

・ Custard pudding Morozoff's popular pudding is also available in a Christmas-only design. The price is 300 yen for large and 200 yen for small. Toro raw custard pudding is priced at 300 yen.

Morozoff "Custard Pudding"