Ginza Plinkuchen (Double Caramel)" limited to Morozoff Ginza Mitsukoshi Store

Morozoff Ginza Plinkuchen (Double Caramel) Exclusive for

Ginza Mitsukoshi Store Morozoff will introduce a new product "Ginza Plinkuchen (Double Caramel)" exclusive for Ginza Mitsukoshi Store. The release date is September 27. The price is 1,620 yen (tax included).


Puddingkuchen (Double Caramel)

A baked pudding pastry with a rich egg flavor and vanilla aroma, topped with the magic of savory, bittersweet caramel. A delicate contrast of bittersweet caramel sauce and sugar glaze on a moist, baked, melt-in-your-mouth cake. The crispy texture of the fragrant burnt caramelization accents the cake.


birthplace of Morozoff's Cust

ard Pudding


In 1962, custard pudding was created in a Morozoff's café near Ginza, Tokyo. It began when an employee at the time baked dozens of puddings a day in ceramic containers as an original menu item. The pudding had a rich, simple taste made by steaming and hardening milk, eggs, and sugar, and orders for it increased day by day. In 1968, the factory began production and the product was widely sold.

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