KALDI "Moheji Hokkaido to Snow White Azuki"

I tried the KALDI coffee farm "Moheji Hokkaido to Snow White Azuki". It is a "Western Japanese sweet" that you can enjoy the white chocolate coating on white red bean paste and the flavor of condensed milk.

The selling price is 178 yen (tax included) and the calories are 196 kcal. In the store of KALDI, it is often put together in the Hokkaido corner.

KALDI "Moheji Hokkaido to Snow White Azuki"
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Tokachi's white azuki bean paste, which is called "phantom white azuki bean" with high rare value, is wrapped in a hard dough and sprinkled with white chocolate. In addition, the core contains condensed milk, which is very fragrant.

White red bean paste, white chocolate, condensed milk and white sweets, and the cut end is very beautiful when you insert a knife.

KALDI "Moheji Hokkaido to Snow White Azuki"
It is completely coated with white chocolate

When you put your cheeks on your cheeks, the flavor of white chocolate fills your mouth first, and after you feel the moist texture and sweetness of the mouth, you can smell the rich condensed milk.

As for individuality, chocolate and condensed milk win a little, and white red bean paste is an impression that it is a compliment. However, if you eat slowly from the outside, you can feel that gentle flavor.

KALDI "Moheji Hokkaido to Snow White Azuki"
Harmony of white chocolate, red bean paste, and condensed milk!

You can enjoy the drink with hot roasted green tea or with coffee while cutting it into small pieces and squeezing it a little. It is a sweet that suits both Japanese and Western atmospheres.