KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji Sakura Monaka"
A letter from the cherry blossoms

Sakura-flavored sweets and Japanese sweets are on sale at KALDI Coffee Farm. Lots of products that make you feel spring.

"Original Panda Sakura Milk Pudding" is a pudding with the image of the taste of Sakura Mochi, which is newly introduced from the popular panda almond tofu series. You can enjoy a faint cherry blossom flavor. The price is 440 yen (tax included, same below).

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Panda Sakura Milk Pudding"
Puru Puru texture

"Original Biscuit Sandwich Sakura" is a sandwich of cream with cherry leaves and biscuits using fresh butter. The biscuits are topped with salted sakura flowers. The price is 183 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Biscuit Sandwich Sakura"
Package is also cherry blossom

"Moheji Sakura no Shokorakukki" is a chocolate cookie shaped like a cherry blossom. It seems that the elegant sweetness and the scent of cherry blossoms spread just by relaxing in your mouth. The price is 321 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm
Gorgeous to the eyes

"Original Junmai Ginjo Karaneko-sama Sakura Hananomai Sake Brewing" is a Junmai Ginjo sake brewed with sake rice "Homare Fuji" from Shizuoka Prefecture and underground water from the Southern Alps. It is a limited quantity design with cherry blossom petals dancing. The price is 375 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Junmai Ginjo Karaneko-sama Sakura Hananomai Brewing"
I'm going to buy a package

In addition, "Moheji Sakura Monaka" (257 yen) and "Original Sakura Cake" (388 yen) are available. * Product handling status varies depending on the store

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Sakura Cake"
Sakura cake